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    CF8 - CFDocument CSS

      we are using CF5 since years, but know we are thinking to do an upgrade to CF8. One reason is that we need to generate a lot of PDF files. So I installed CF8 next to CF5 on our intranet server and everything worked fine. I made a copy of our applications und started to change the code to the CF8 standards.

      But then I got many problems with CFDocument. At first CFDocument was very slow and the PDF files were 10 times bigger than before. After I set fontembed="no" these two problems were solved, but then there is another problem. The styles are gone or the text in the pdf file is not readable (very strange letters). The Page ist 100% valid transitional HTML 4.1.

      Any idea how to get around this problem?
      Thank you all!

      And here is my code: