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    nVidia news

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      I just received an nVidia newsletter from Greg Estes.  Here are a few of the items concerning Premiere


      Check out second-generation NVIDIA® Maximus™ with Kepler™ GPUs—coming soon The new NVIDIA Maximus platform takes advantage of the high-performance graphics of the Quadro K5000 and the parallel processing of the NVIDIA Tesla® K20 to transform video editing, effects, digital animation, rendering, and media-creation workflows. Watch the presentation from Lon Grohs, VP of Business Development at Chaos Group, as he demonstrates interactive, physically based rendering with this new Maximus platform.


      New high-end NVIDIA® Quadro® K5000 GPUs for Mac and PC NVIDIA just announced its high-end professional GPUs for accelerating design, animation, and video applications—the NVIDIA Quadro K5000. It features 4 GB of graphics memory and four display outputs, and is available for PC workstations and the Mac Pro, so you can leverage the new NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture on your preferred platform. Learn more about the Quadro K5000 for PC. Learn more about the Quadro K5000 for Mac.


      Adobe Anywhere.  NVIDIA GPUs are driving an exciting new platform that will create new levels of collaboration for video production professionals. Adobe Anywhere for video, an innovative technology demonstration being revealed at IBC 2012, creates a new workflow environment that lets video professionals work together in real-time across almost any network. And, like Adobe Premiere Pro, NVIDIA CUDA-powered Tesla GPUs will drive much of the system’s real-time capabilities. Learn more about Adobe Anywhere.


      Adobe CS6 on MacBook Pro. The newest MacBook Pro with NVIDIA GPUs just got better with the latest update to Adobe CS6 Production Premium (Release 6.0.2), which adds support for GPU acceleration in popular tools like Premiere Pro and After Effects. GPU speed-ups are enabled out-of-the-box using OpenCL on NVIDIA GPUs, but the latest optimized NVIDIA CUDA Mac Driver will boost performance considerably, improving on the OpenCL experience by as much as 40%.


      Of course the links they supplied do not get into the forum, but here is a link to the online version