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        Dave LaRonde Level 6

        According to the artist who make the image, "Its been heavily Photoshopped".  No After Effects. 


        You would have to figure it out on your own or wait until Rick Gerard comes up with a way to do it with multiple layers, multiple effects and perhaps even an expression or two.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Actually that looks a lot like the Fractalius Filter for Photoshop. Not easily doable in AE. It's kind of a combination of various CC Vectorblur like effects with randomness and edge tracing. If you have The RevisionFX plug-ins, you might be able to do some of it. Otehr than that a batch processing in PS using trhis filter might work just the same...



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            LeeXiaoLoong Level 1

            instead of buy a plugin, is not possible to replicate it in photoshop?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Sure. Anything is possible with the right technique and methodology. As I said already, this is just some interesting use of edge detection and vector blur stuff. I'm not aware of a specific tutorial, but the dance would be something like that (in any program for that matter):


              • duplicate the source a couple of times
              • treat each duplicate with a bunch of high-pass/ low pass filters and blurs to determine the detailk lelvel
              • adjust each layer's colors/ greyscale levels
              • process each layer with Find Edges, Adaptive Blur or Artistic filters
              • add refinements with painting
              • use blending modes and selections to bring it all together


              It certainly would be doable, but if you need to do it a lot, it will take a lot of time for each image. Therefore buying the filter might be the simpler and quicker path to get the result you are looking for...



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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                What Mylenium said. You can't duplicate this effect on a single layer with a bunch of effects, but if you duplicate the layer, find some edges somehow, and his suggestions are a good place to start, then try different blend modes you'll get there.


                Here's one warning, you're trying to create glows so your beginning image must be quite dark with very few areas that are near white. In other words, this would be very hard to pull off with an image of a snow man. You can't make something that's already white glow.

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                  Pierre Devereux Level 2



                  I have a friend who does Photoshop work, and the efeect is done with Fractalus filters and overlays.


                  I do not know the methodology, but I will ask him next week if he can give some more advice. Here is an example of an image he has done - I think it is what you are looking for...




                  Ill see what details I can get and feedback next week.



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                    LeeXiaoLoong Level 1

                    thanks, i appreciate it