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    Source Monitor 'Freezes' Forces PPro Restart. Glitch, CS6?

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have been experiencing an issue with the source monitor in several projects built in CS6.  Occasionaly, I will double click a clip in the project window, or even right click and 'Open in Source Monitor'.  Most of the time this functions successfully and the clip appears in the monitor, but at some point clips, any clip, refuses to open/appear in the source monitor.  The source monitor enter a 'frozen' state and will have a strange appearance for example displaying the audio meters from the 'Audio Mixer' tab.  It seems the only way to cure this once it has occurred is to close PPro and re-open the project.  At this point this is proving to be a waste of time and a kink in an editor's flow. 

      Has anyone else experience this symptom?