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    InDesign won't create a new pdf


      My issue is: When InDesign creates a pdf that I've created once before, it doesn't overrite the existing file but also doesn't give me an error. Something weird is happening, and it's happening to both me and my coworker. She's on Lion, CS 5.5, Mac Pro. I'm CS 5.5 with Mountain Lion, Macbook Pro.



      Create pdf.

      See something wrong, so create a new pdf from InDesign.

      InDesign processes like normal and opens a new pdf (box to do so is checked when exporting) and it looks just like the first pdf with none of my changes.

      Check finder for file creation time and it is correct with the new time.


      Steps I tried to correct:

      Close and reopen InDesign file

      Delete first pdf, then create new

      Quit InDesign and reopen


      I regularly delete my preferences and it keeps happening. Sounds like some sort of overwrite issue, that it thinks my old file is there but doesn't write over it. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, were you able to fix it? The only solution I've found is to save the file somewhere else and move it into the original folder where the first pdf was created. Not a great solution. I am wondering if this is a bug and if I should submit it.




      A new note: when I go to empty the trash, it says the pdf file is in use. That tells me whatever is happening here is similar to the issues other people are having with attaching pdfs to mail. However, I'm not attaching the file to anything. I open, review, close, create new pdf.


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