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    Client problems with links continue


      My client apparently has InDesign CS6 (full purchased version) as I do. They previously had a trial version of CS5. When I send a document with embedded links, they get an error message saying the links are missing. Peter S. here, kindly tested one of the documents for me and had no problems opening and printing the files. The "computer guy" there just downloaded a trial version of CS6 on his own computer, sent the same file I sent Peter, from the client's computer, and same thing - links missing.  I'm guessing this is because it is a trial version and is maybe limited to document creation. I just sent him the same file I sent Peter directly and am awaiting his response. Does anyone know if a trial version allows for opening of documents not created on the same machine? I am getting very frustrated with all the phone calls telling me InDesign isn't working (or I'm not embedding the links, which of course I am). TIA