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    Books have gone missing?




      Have just been buying some books and encountered the E_ADEPT_USER_AUTH problem listed in the forum.  Have contacted the publisher and the retailer...lets see what happens?


      But onto my issue with Adobe.  Also noticed trawling back through my records that quite a few books (free Kobo books offered on purchase of Kobo Touch) that we downloaded to the device using Digital Editions are not on the device nor on the library anymore.

      Going into my Kobo library and trying to download them again works fine except that they will not display in the Library View section of Digital Editions now?


      They come up in reading view fine?


      We are talking over 10 books?



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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Generally, if an ebook has been downloaded into Reading mode, it won't show

          up in the Library.  You can add an ebook to the library if you know the

          name of it, and its location (most of the time it will be in the ADE

          library, unless you put it somewhere else).


          Open ADE in Library mode.  Hover your cursor over the small arrow next to

          the word 'Library'.  A drop-down menu will appear, and one of the choices

          is 'Add Item To Library'.  Click on that and you'll be able to find the

          ebook via Browse, then add it to the Library.