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    Camera Roll iPad


      I have an iPad 3rd gen and I just purchased Touch 1.3. For some reason when I try to load photos from the camera roll folder with Touch not all of the pictures in that folder are shown. Other photo apps I have show all of them. Is there something I am missing?

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Hi. This sounds like a refresh issue. Can you try the following. Navigate within PS Touch one level up to the "Local Photos" - see attached scrrenshot. After that try to access your photos form the Camera Roll again.





          Hope that helps.




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            ibarrien Adobe Employee

            As a workaround you can use the settings and in "Preferences" enable "Always use native photo browsers" in the "Access Local Photos setting".




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              wiseman1952 Level 1

              Thanks. I gave that a try but it didn't work. I closed Touch and went into the camera roll and deleted a few pictures. When I went back into Touch the camera roll folder showed some of the pictures it hadn't before but still didn't show all of the pictures. I currently only have 74 pictures in the camera roll. The workaround from ibarrien below let's me see all of them. Thanks again for your help.

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                wiseman1952 Level 1

                That worked. I can see all of them with that method but shouldn't it work the other way as well? Thanks for your help.