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    Extension Manager removing the whole Plug-ins folder along with the panel

    Mama Shan Canfield Level 1

      When I click "Remove" from the Extension Manager interface, the following has occurred--



      In CS6 - When I used the Extension Manager to "remove" by clicking the "remove" button,  it removes not just the panel I installed but has removed the folders "Plug-ins>Panels>my panel". The whole hierarchy!


      In CS5 - it has left the Plug-ins folder but removed  "Panels>my panel"


      In CS4 - the Extension Manager is working correctly for installing and removing without removing any shell folders.


      Question #1 - What do I do about my missing plug-ins for these applications? This is disastrous!

      Question #2 - Is there a way to fix the CS5 and CS6 Extension Manager to not delete the shell folders, when you are just trying to remove a custom panel????


      My system:

      Windows Vista Ultimate
      Service Pack 2
      Processor Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9650 @3.00GHz
      Memory (RAM) 8.00GB

      Hard Drives C: 1Terabyte - 301GB available
      Z: 1 Terabyte - 309GB available