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    Compiling Movie Clips for a 'Power Hour' need help!


      Hello, I have been watching tutorials on Lynda.com but none of the videos answer questions on my specific needs that I have seen so far.


      I am trying to make a Power Hour DVD for my friends to use as a drinking game, it will consist of 60 clips that are 1 minute in duration with high resolution jpeg images numbered 1-60 in between as markers. I have about 52 movies downloaded that I want to take 1 or 2 one minute clips from. I don't want to import 60 full movies into the project because that will be huge. Suggestions on how to do this would be awesome, would you suggest taking the one minute clips and saving them as their own separate clip and then adding them all into a project..?


      Any suggestions on how to do the above would be great, I also had an issue with the sound not matching up on some files or just not being there at all. Is there a specific file type that After Effects prefers? I am using CS5.5

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          After effects is NOT the software you should use for this project, from what you have communicated here. You will find Premiere Pro, which is a non linear editing software much better then AE, which is really for compositing and motion graphics. And NOT for hour lenth projects in most cases.I think Adobe Prelude might be what you need for the first step of the process before editing in PrP. I dont use it myself. But I believe it will allow you to mark just the potions of the 52 clips you have and import just that info. Of course this might depend on what codec they are. Read up on Prelude and give it a shot.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Depending on where you got the videos from, you may simply need to run them through a converter like MPEGStreamclip/ Handbrake or whatever. The rest doesn't realyl matter. An editing program may be more interactive, but you need to trim anbd edit the clips no matter what. AE doesn't care about the sources much, eitehr. Just liek in an edit suite, they are merely references to external files. "Cutting" things is just not as intuitive... Anyway, neither AE nor Premiere do DVDs, so you need to involve Encore somewhere along the way...