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    Why does my 720 x 480 clip not fit in my 720 x 480 sequnce? (Black side bars)

    quailmandingo Level 1

      Hopefully someone understands, I'm trying to make an edit with some Mini DV Standard Definition footage in Premiere Pro CS5 and Im using a Mac with Lion 10.7.4. All of the clips are .mov and 720 x 480 and I have the sequence set to DV - NTSC 720x 480.  I'm noticing that the clips just about fit the frame size except for these thin black bars on the sides. It became more noticeable when I tried using a video transition as seen in the photo below. The bars do not show when watching the clip in quicktime only when in a premiere or in an exported video. This also happens in After Effects as well. Any help on getting rid of these black bars woud be appreciated. Or are they supposed to be there?


      adobe problem.jpg(Using the center split video transition)