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    How to reinstall Adobe After Effects CS4 after a lethal crash?


      After Effecta CS4 crashed after signalling that the Parsing List could not be processed. Rebooting the computer (Windows 7) and several trials to restart the program did not help. The message about the parsing list and a completely empty After Effects window remained. This made it impossible to deactivate the serial number. I did not consider this as important because I planned to reinstall the program from the CD anyway. -  The program was uninstalled, therefore, with the Windows "uninstall/change" function. Problems with deinstallation were signalled as well. Several trials to reinstall did not help. The reinstallation process ended prematurely with a message indicating that the program might not function. The use of the Adobe Support Advisor was suggested as well. This program was not able to help as well. However, it suggested to contact www.adobe.com/support. - How can I reinstall my registered product?


      Alex Landolt