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    Premiere Workflow With Lightroom


      I have Adobe Premiere CS6 and Lightroom 4.1.  I like both. But I'd like to figure out a better workflow for copying my AVCHD video files (Panasonic GH2) from SD cards to my computer and managing them.


      Even though I've been using PhotoShop for years, I now do almost all of my still image post processing in Lightroom.   While it seems to have some new video editing features, it's still seems like it's focused on the traditional, photography, single-file paradigm - each file is a distinct piece of art that has little or no relationship with other files taken at the same time.  


      Obviously this is different from video where each piece of art is a combination of multiple media types (e.g. video, audio, stills, etc.) and most of the time there are multiple instances of each media type, all of which need to be combined into seamless end result.   Premiere does a great job of this.  However...


      It's the media import and management aspect that I'm unhappy with.  Prelude is an option, but it seems to have some media management features but not as robust as Lightroom.   In addition, the position of Prelude in the overall video creation workflow is unclear to me.


      So I'm perplexed.  I'd like to manage all of my media in a single place.   Even though this post is about Premiere, I spend at least as much time working on stills as video.  So a single media management tool (like lightroom) is my goal.   Unfortunately the overall Adobe management solution is still not as integrated as I'd like.   So...


      How do you manage you media?   How do you deal with the first stages of your workflow starting with the capture tool (camera, sound recorder, etc.) media card?   What tools do you prefer?


      Thanks in advance for any feedback.






      p.s. I'm an amateur in this.  I've been taking pics for 58 years (since I was 7), but I'm not a pro.   So my needs probably won't match a pro's needs.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I don't do any 'media management' with my GH2 footage, and that's because you really can't and have it still work.  You copy the card to your hard drive and that's pretty much all you can do with it if you still expect it to work right inside of PP.

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            dan_public2 Level 1



            I was afraid the answer might be something like that.  I'd like to see an LR feature that sends media to a Premiere project like it sends media to PhotoShop.





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              al_bergstein Level 1

              I agree Dan. Not sure why Adobe doesn't do a better job managing metadata prior to inclusion inside Pr. I would like to see either Lightroom do it, or allow me to better tag footage in Bridge, for example. Maybe I'm missing something. I can't say I've yet mastered all it's complexities, but I do feel there's a gap that could filled.

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                al_bergstein Level 1

                Have you Prelude yet? If so, why does it not fill the gap you require?

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                  dan_public2 Level 1



                  The GH2 is a hybrid camera, and I shoot both stills and video.  So my SD cards will typically contain both types of media.   It's normal for me to capture several hundred clips and still images in a couple hours.


                  The still images are stored in folders by year and day.  The clips are stored separately by project (more or less) in another set of folders.  The stills have lots of metadata attached. The clips have nothing.  To find all the media you need for a video you leave all sophisticated Adobe tools and roam around on the disk drive like you did 20 years ago.


                  In addition, I occasionally use a Zoom H1 for capturing environmental audio and sometimes use files downloaded from the web. Managing this is also manual and frustrating.


                  Regarding Prelude, I've played with it but really don't "get it".  It looks like it has some management features and some editing features.  Overall doesn't seem to fit anywhere.


                  I'll continue in another post after switching computers...

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                    dan_public2 Level 1



                    Photoshop and Premiere, and several other Adobe products are essentially products with a legacy approach - incredibly powerful tools for single purpose.   Historically, products and people were pretty much single purporse...


                    Photoshop did photography stuff and Premiere did video stuff.   Photographers and video guys (and ladies) were two different groups with two different languages.  And there are also audio guys who did audio stuff, writing guys who did writing stuff, drawing guys who did drawing stuff, and web guys who did web stuff.


                    At the Pro level this is still true.  But for many Pros and most amateurs, this single-purpose world doesn't exist exist any more.  We wear multiple hats.   The tools (like the GH2) capture mutiple types of media.   The GH3 will extend this.  Portable audio mini-recorders like the Zoom H1 extend it further.  Powerful, easy to use script-writing tools like Celtx extend it further.   And then we have the internet...


                    I'm a professional software developer.  I don't do web pages professionally, but I've created a few, including a weather website (in progress) for Bellevue, Washington.  Web pages use multiple types of media.  It's normal to see a website with text, still images, video, audio, drawings and combinations of the three.


                    So how do you manage all this stuff?  Not very well, IMO.  Adobe products don't do well here...


                    Lightroom comes the closest because it stores metadata externally in a database.  For example you can apply metadata to .MTS files (try that in Bridge).   And you can group and stack files.  BUT... It doesn't manage a very wide array media - just photos and videos.   And you can't create a stack of clips and send it to Premiere.


                    Bridge seems to work with well with certain types of media only. Try adding a keyword to a .MTS file.   And it seems to be Photoshop-centric.   Many of the Bridge features seem to be nothing more than a prettier interface to standard Windows (Mac?) features.   Lightroom easily does most of what Bridge does plus a whole lot more.


                    As I wrote above, I just don't get Prelude.  It's UI is kinda/sorta Adobe-like, but uses unique terms like "ingest" (sounds like a bodily function).   What's worse is that it's media management and editing features are poor.   I.e. I don't see any added value over just using Premiere. 


                    IMO, Adobe should extend Lightroom to be the entry point for all media-related products of any type.   It should have the ability to import, preview, and manage any type of file photos, videos, audio, text files, Word docs, Celtx files, etc.   For photos, videos, and audio, it should have modules that can provide at least some minimal editing features.   And most importantly...


                    To the greatest extent possible, it should have the ability to send media and other files to other applications for editing, and then manage the modified file that is returned.  It's probably not feasible to do this with all apps, but it should be able to send files to apps like Premiere, Premiere Elements, Photoshop, Audition, and Soundbooth.


                    OK... /Rant = OFF. 





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                      al_bergstein Level 1

                      Understood. And agreed (you need to roam around...). I've taken to building project folders and doing all the metadata breakout at the time of dump. XMF files  now can be automatically renamed on export to whatever you want (using the Canon XF utility). I rename MOV files also by batch then, when using the 7D.  The whole structure goes into something I found back using FCP, a folder structure with Original Footage, Audio, Renders, Final Deliverables, Scans, Graphics, etc. It doesn't preclude me from using a date structure on folder names, i.e. 2012_WoodenBoatFestival, but it would be nice if Adobe somehow could map their xml metadata to be flexible enought to get it all done in one place, i.e. bridge? Prelude? Maybe even LR?  I'd love to be shown a way I am unaware of with it, maybe it's there. I can't see it.


                      I would agree with the notion of making Prelude like functionality a part of Lightroom or vice versa and making LR the input/entry Metadata manager. No reason why LR couldn't do for video what it does for stills, ie. add a few basic features, like brightness and contrast, metadata tagging, and allow you to do the 'ingest' and Prelude like functions as well. I'd buy that!


                      Having started as a working pro photog, many sleeps ago, I too shoot a lot of stills on many of my shoots. On Video shoots I often take dozens of still snaps from the video (another feature for the next gen we are discussing). A camera is a camera is a camera today.


                      Hey Adobe, put me on the beta for such a thing.

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                        dan_public2 Level 1



                        Great points!


                        I agree about, "A camera is a camera...".   Lots of options to capture great media    But the capture tools are moving much faster than Adobe's ability to manage it all.  


                        Yesterday, my wife insisted that I come to our grandson's soccer game.   I took about 20 minutes of clips and 200 images with my GH2 and video monopod.   Capturing event content (especially a bunch of 7-8 year olds running around in a dusty field) is difficult for me.  I haven't the time to figure out all, so quickly reacting to each opportunity was critical.   If I can get maybe 2 minutes of usable video and 5-10 good stills to combine it a decent video, I'll be happy.   And most importantly, the family will be happy.  But...


                        I'll probably use the stills for other purposes, like maybe a printed pic for the kidlet.   Maybe in a family album for Christmas.   And how do I manage this?   Probably Lightroom and Premiere.   And extra, unneeded work.   Oh, well...


                        Finally a message to Adobe.   I agree with Al...







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                          Count me as another that would like to see integration between Lightroom and Premiere Pro. I'm an amateur still photographer moving into video and shout a mix of stills and video, with a variety of video capable Canon cameras (S100 and 7D).


                          I currently manage all media with LR, and would be happy if Pr's Media Browser would read LR XMP files and only show the assets I flagged in LR.


                          I could always export the flagged assets from LR to my Pr project original footage folder, but that duplicates the files, wasting space.

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                            Jeff Bellune Level 5

                            Welcome to the forum.


                            Please file your request here:


                            Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form



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                              I coded a Plug-In that can build a script of the selected files in the Lightroom Library and than import it to a opened Premiere Pro Project.

                              (This is only for Windows because on Mac the drag n drop functionality from Lightroom to Premiere works...)


                              Have a look here:



                              Hopfully this will help some users