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    ACR v7.1.0.354

    Mark_Weidman Level 1

      Really strange problem with the new ACR.  I installed ACR along with the new PS CS6.  The new camera raw was working fine and now, all of a sudden, when I attempt to open a RAW file from Bridge, even though the Info Window indicates it is the newer ACR (v7.1.0.354), I get the older version of ACR that came with PS CS5.  I have included a screen shot that shows this oddball problem.  I am not certain, but it may have started happening when, after installing the PS CS6, I ran an Update and there was a slightly newer version of CS6, and, possibly ACR.  If you look at the attached screen shot you will see the Menu/Adjustment choices (screen right) for ACR are from the older version.  Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


      Mark Weidman


      Apple Mac Pro running OSX v 10.6.8

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          You forgot to upload your screen shot.  

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            MacMark One Level 1

            Screen shot 2012-09-08 at 10.30.58 AM.png


            Sorry, I thought I had uploaded it - here it is again.

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              Vit Novak Level 3

              Check Camera calibration tab and change PV2003 or PV2010 to PV2012

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                MacMark One Level 1

                Changing the Camera Calibration tab to the 2012 version solved the problem, thanks very much!  I really appreciate the help I get on these forums.


                Mark Weidman

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  And now, the rest of the story...


                  Keep in mind that the newest version of Camera Raw will open files that you have opened before and which thus have saved settings using the process version they were opened with before.



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                    MacMark One Level 1

                    Hi Noel, yes you are absolutely correct.  I had created several different saved settings in the previous ACR; for example, a very neutral version for copying flat artwork, a version for landscapes, a version for portraits, etc.  Is there a way I can convert those settings for use with the newer ACR?  Is there a tutorial or online guide that explains in detail how the old controls (Exposure, Recover, etc.) compare directly with the new ACR controls?

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                      MacMark One Level 1

                      My previous message got away from me before I finished it.  I find myself using the curves tool in the newer ACR because I have a better understanding of how the points along the curve will change an image.  For example, what exactly is the difference between the Highlights tool and the White tool?

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                        Vit Novak Level 3

                        Those things are not documented yet, but it looks like whites and blacks slider work similar way as changing the top/bottom of the curve (just in the different part of the workflow I suppose)


                        On the other side, Highlights and Shadows slider work similar like Highlights & Shadows in PS (just again, in the different part of the workflow) - those are actually local adjustments, to make more contrast in highlights or shadows, based on unsharp mask with very large radius. Shadows is replacement for Fill-in slider from previous processing models. Clarity slider also works on the similar principle (and finally it is tuned up to my taste in PV2012, while in PV2010 it wasn't of much use for me, so I was using USM in PS instead for the same effect)

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                          Mark_Weidman Level 1

                          Thanks for this additional info Vic, it is helpful.