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    Unable to Create Outlines with Type on Path

    srioc Level 1



      I'm using Illustrator CS4. I am unable to Create Outlines for a font after I had used the type on the Path Tool. I had used the ellipse tool to create a closed circular path, then I selected the Type on a Path tool. I selected my text using the arrow tool and ctrl-shift-o (Create outlines) and then I receive the message: "Can't Create type outlines." Not quite sure why this is happening. Did I miss something? The thing is this - my type is in the position and alignment that I want and I don't necessarily want to work with the Type as a Font but as vector shapes. Is there a way or technique to be able to do this? Or is there an alternative? Any hints or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          I do not know what is causing your problem but you can select the text as before and go to Object> Expand or Object>Flatten the Trnasparency either one should work.


          It would be nice to see your selected art and the appearance and layers panels expanded so we can see everything it might give a clue.

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            srioc Level 1



            Thank you for the response. Create Outlines is working for me now. The only thing I could conclude was that my PC needed to start afresh after several hours of working on it. Your suggestions was also very helpful!  If it happens again...I'll post a screenshot of my workspace and we can go from there. Thanks again!



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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              I believe you have encountered a simple (preference) corruption of some kind. I usually recommend the following steps for increasingly serious/difficult cases, starting with non destructive measures (step 4) is non destructive, but step 3) is easier); your soultion comprises step 2).


              1) Close down Illy and open again;

              2) Restart the computer;

              3) Close down Illy and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift/Cmd+Option+Shift during startup;

              4) Move the folder with Illy closed;

              5) Look through and try out the relevant among the Other options;


              Even more seriously, you may:


              6) Uninstall, run the Cleaner Tool if you have CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6, and reinstall.



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                fuckingirritating Level 1

                Hi Srioch,


                This happens to me today using CS6. I restarded Illustrator and even my MBP but still the crytical "Can't outline type" appears on every attempts. The problem was that I use 'select all' and 1 of the selected text-elements is in a grouped object and was locked so instead of outlining the selected one, CS6 choses to 'boycot' the whole action leaving the user troubled :-)


                So make sure you release all of the type-elements first before applying the outline command. Hope this helps.