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    PDFs printing wrong colours


      Hi there

      Hoping someone can help me.  I have a cd cover going to print on Monday, ive designed it in photoshop and illustrator cs5.  It looks fine on screen and prints out fine from these programs but when i pdf it the colours go so dark you can barely make it out.  Pdf looks fine on screen, its only when i print.  Theres no way i can send it when its printing out like this!  I have tried pdfing from illustrator and photoshop and the colours print as badly on both. I think this is the first time i have printed pdf from CS5.  I have been up all night trying to work out whats going on.  Ive tried printing out old pdf files created in CS3 and they are printing ok.  Please could someone give me some advice, im going crazy!




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          Lisa197810 Level 1

          Is it possible my deskjet is too old and cant handle the new colour profiles of cs5?  Although that doesnt explain why it prints colours fine from illustrator and photoshop. 

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            gator soup Level 4

            if the PDF is tagged with an embeddedICC profie and displays correctly in Acrobat, most likely your PDF Source Profile is not being CONVERTED to the CORRECT SPECIFIC Print Profile (for your printer/paper/ink combination)


            You need to look at where Acrobat sets up Source Profile> Print Profile

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              gator soup Level 4



              if you are caught on a deadline and can't figure Acrobat printing out, not to worry, do your proofing in Photoshop


              as long as you have a 'calibrated' monitor, Photoshop will display color correctly (using the correct Source Profile) and "Soft Proof" your printer's recommended Printer Profile to doublecheck any gamut issues


              just be sure to embed ICC profiles in your documents and make sure your people downstream use your embedded profile

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                John Danek Level 4

                No.  But you might want to "duplicate" whatever Color Settings you used in CS3 in CS5.  I didn't know there were "new" profiles in CS5.  Instead of "PDFing" in Illustrator and/or Photoshop, try using Distiller and it's conversion settings where you have a little more control.  In a case like this, it may be better to down-save to CS3 and use that to convert to PDF, since it prints better and you feel more confident.  Again, something is creating a problem in CS5, I would look at your Color Settings.  Sounds like a gamut clip in CS5.