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    To many activations


      Dear reader

      I owned 4 readers, one of them, the Sony prs-T2 needs to be reset to factory defaults.

      I know when I do this, I lost my activation.

      And I don't have any more.

      In recent history this happens before and you could open a web-case.

      It's possible in my account to see the old webcases, but there is no option to open another one.

      Removing old readers does not give me rights to install others.

      Tried to chat, tried to call... no success.

      Have seen the adobe site 20 times now, and at last I just close all the windows.

      It seems like Adobe isn't in the mood, they hide the contact and mail options very good.

      How can I contact any person that can give me the option to add more readers to my account ?