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    Printing forms at user and submission end


      I am tinkering with Adobe forms online, trying to set up an online 'check-in' for our skydiving business.  I am using FormsCentral, but it does not appear to have all the features we may need.  Also have Acrobat Professional, but need to know if the solution can fit first before I delve into the tecnology.


      I would like to put our waiver and contract online, have the customer be able to complete and print them, capture the data, be able to re-print a form if the customer forgets to bring their form and ultimately get that data into our SQL database so we do not have to do the data entry.


      Workflow might look like this:


      1. Customer makes reservations (using our existing online reservation system)
      2. A confirmation email or website links will direct customer to register online (Adobe form)
      3. Link takes them to the online form
      4. They complete it with most fields required
      5. They have option to Print it, but have to SUBMIT it.
      6. Customer can also use a computer at our office to do the same process if they arrive (onsite check-in)
      7. When customer arrives, we have option of pulling up the document, already populated and re-printing it if needed
      8. Customer MUST sign a real paper copy of the document, so printing is actually a must
      9. Data is either batch or directly sync'd with data existing in our system (SQL database). - this is a future requirement and is not currently a priority

      These are binding legal documents, so the importance of the document is critical to our liability, so the system must work well and must be able to generate a populated document with a signature and witness line for them to sign in front of us when they arrive.


      I do not think the document form itself it difficult, but being abel to reprint it at our end and finding a way to extract the data could be problematic, and perhaps costly.  Right now, my staff manually enter some 7000 of these each year into our system, so it is a timesaver.

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Here are some things that might help you:

          • Submisstion Receipts - the service can send an email to respondents after they have submitted that contains the data within the email body of the message
          • Distribute a PDF form - You can save the form you create as a PDF form. Respondents can fill it out using the free Adobe Reader, then submit the data back to our service. Since it is a PDF they can print it and save it for their records. PDF forms support required fields.
          • In about 2 months we'll be adding the ability to allow the author (and collaboratorts) of a form to save a response as a PDF file (with the original layout). This can be printed and signed.
          • Export responses to Excel - You can export the responses to an Excel file and import them into your system to eliminate rekeying.


          I think the only thing that is missing is the 3rd bullet. We are working on supporting that right now and it should be available in the next few months.



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            tkhayesskydivecity Level 1

            We just signed up for the new formscentral and it looks pretty good for what we are doing.  We have created a couple of the online waivers, it saves the responses and we can re-create the entire completed document at the office when the customer arrives.  That is awesome so far


            Last step....is there an API yet to get this data into our SQL database?  Or am I pretty much stuck with saving it as an Excel or CSV and then writign a utility to import to the SQL database?


            David Hayes

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              RandySwineford Adobe Employee

              Sorry there is no API to get at the responses. You have to export then import into your DB.


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