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    New Fonts installed in win7 x64 did not appear in cs3


      good day !



      Just installed a new fonts Monotype Corsiva .ttf  to my Win 7 X64

      unfortunately when i opened my photoshop cs3 the  fonts did not appear but

      when I open my word application it works smoothly..Any help guys for




      thanks in advance  :))))

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Many Adobe programs are very sensitive to fonts, and PS is one of them (Titler in Premiere is even more sensitive).


          I would suspect that there is a problem with the font. It might be corrupt (though working in Word seems to rule against that), or it might just be a font, that PS does not display properly, due to how it's written.


          Are you having any other issues with particular fonts?


          Can you find that font from another foundry, or perhaps one that is very similar?


          I have seen issues with font displays in PS (and Titler), with the some of the Isabelle, and Isabella family.


          Good luck, and maybe someone else knows that font, and will have suggestions for you.