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    Still having problem – Flash asks to update



      I am still having the problem of  Flash constantly asking me to update. I get the flashing yellow security shields on Windows 7 – sometimes two, three, or four flashing shields. If I close the shields or click and respond "no", 10 seconds later there's another shield flashing asking to update. Sometimes whatever I am doing on the computer is interrupted and I get a modal pop-up dialog asking if it's okay to update.


      I have posted this problem before, back in June and July, see:




      I have gone into global settings and set Advanced – never check for updates. This does nothing.


      I have confirmed my MMS.CFG file as recommended – this is correct.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled using the Adobe tools.


      I have even searched the registry for obvious settings – none are found.


      I have had to revert to version 10.3 of Flash because version 11 breaks Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is a well documented problem.


      Somewhere there is a mechanism that initiates this "checking for updates". What is this mechanism? How do I remove it? This problem should not be so complicated to fix.