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    Saving After Effects CS 6 projects for use in CS 5.5


      Hello all,


      I'm a university student who has the academic version of After Effects CS 6 for use in my media classes. It works wonderfully and has the potential to be a real time-saver... I live off-campus and can't always get to the lab to work on my projects. That being the case, there's a problem in transferring the work to the lab machines... they have Adobe CS 5.5 installed, not CS 6. When I tried to work on the project from home on the lab computer, it throws up a compatibility error and doesn't open.


      If I can't open the projects at school, then the point of using CS 6 at home is moot. How do I save projects on my CS 6 machine as to be able to open them on CS 5.5 machines?