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    Publishing to iBooks error

    byzzaj Level 1

      After I publish my Edge file to iBooks, when I go to insert it into iBook I get this error:


      The HTML Dashcode file “critter.wdgt” wasn’t added. The file doesn’t define a main HTML file.


      I'm not sure this is an Edge problem or an iBooks problem.  The only file I can get to work with


      iBooks is a stupid file made with Dashcode (which now crashes on startup YAY.... )


      I looked at the package contents, and they seem to be the way they should be.


      When I take the package contents of the Edge Created widget and copy them into the Dashcode one, it works.


      Really strange!


      Any help would be awesome!!!!

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, byzzaj-


          That is strange!  How are you importing to iBooks?  Also, can you ZIP up your wdgt file and post it so that we can take a look at it?




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            byzzaj Level 1

            I tried it a couple of ways... the drag and drop from the created location, drag and drop from same folder as the ibook, from the inspector tool in ibooks.... tried it all


            Honestly ibooks has been really strange with the way it handles widgets... I've done a re install to just check that it wasnt the source of the issues.


            I can drag and drop a file... (unfortunately not created by edge) , then take the same file.. rename the widget, then it throws an error.  Not the html file, just the widget filename i.e. critter.wdgt  changed to critterTest.wdgt.  To me that's really strange!  I tried changing the name of other widgets, and they work after the name change.  Totally at a loss of ideas.


            I have gotten edge created widgets to work in ibooks by taking a pre existing widget that works, showing package contents and copying the edge files into the working wdgt... then it works... WEIRD!


            Any help would be awesome!


            Here's the zip of the widget THANKS!



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              byzzaj Level 1

              Did you get a chance to look at it?... I'm still at a loss for why it fails.

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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Hey, byzzaj-


                Thanks for pinging me on it.  I was super busy this past week and didn't have a chance to take a look at it, but I just did and I was able to reproduce your problem.  I also poked around, resaved the file, checked the plist file, and you're right - it does look right.  I've gone ahead and escalated this to one of our developers to look at, so I should hear back soon about what's going on.





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                  byzzaj Level 1

                  Thanks for looking into it! I was hoping it wasnt just me or my mac. :-)


                  For some reason I'm betting on it's a OSX problem or an iBooks problem.

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                    alexanderqw Level 1

                    I'm creating a widget for iBooks Author by different means, but seeing a similar problem.


                    Copying the widget to a different location, or even zipping it up and unzipping it again breaks it. Something to do with folder or file system format is my best guess.

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                      elainecc Adobe Employee

                      Okay, sorry for the lag again on this one.  We figured out what it was - iBooks really doesn't like the directory "resources," and it will bail if you have that directory in your wdgt file.  You can clean up your file this way:


                      1. Move whatever images you're using in the "resources" folder to another directory, update your project accordingly, and save
                      2. Republish your wdgt file
                      3. Delete your Widget from your iBooks file and save
                      4. Quit iBooks and relaunch (this is important)
                      5. Reimport your wdgt file


                      I moved this thread over into the Edge Animate forum from the preview forum, as I believe it's still applicable today.





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                        AmintaAdobe Level 1

                        Hi Elaine, sorry if I take advantage of this contact, but I wonder if you have the answer for this question about the reset of a Edge composition with audio track in Ibooks Author: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4767373#4767373.



                        Many thanks in advance!!