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    TImeline is turning black

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      Editing a RED feature with Premiere CS6 on my Windows 7 x64 machine. Was operating smooth as silk, then all of a sudden the timeline started turning black. Only way to fix it is to zoom in or out on the timeline, but it just happens again once you hit play or scrub one way or the other. Supremely annoying. Updated Nvidia driver to latest, no change. Disabled second monitor preview, no change. Wondering why this is happening? Doesn't happen in AE or any other software. See attached images.

      error 1.JPGerror 2.JPG

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          Yeah, that seems to happen most often when:


          1 - You're working on an up-converted project from a 5.5 or earlier show.


          2 - When you have Audio Tracks expanded & they show the audio wave-form.



          The work-around has been for me to deselect the "Show Waveform" selection in the audio tracks and instead just show the volume.  You can also un-expand the audio tracks as well.


          Sometimes, deleting the cache files and doing a global re-conform of the audio will give you a temporary reprieve.


          Delete the Media Cache and Media Database (I use Digital Rebellion's suite - but you can do it by hand), shut down PPro, empty trash, restart PPro and let it rebuild the Media Database and Cache.  The audio files will re-conform (Creating the pek and cfa files which contain the audio waveform information that gets drawn on the timeline).


          But mostly, it's about not showing the audio waveforms.  I've seen this any of rigs, Cuda Card enabled or not.


          Also, if you're seeing that behavior, have you also seen a Serious Error crash when you try to do an extract edit that intersects with a dissolve?


          Good luck with the Feature!  Just getting set submit ours to Sundance...