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    End of slide - click play button

      My presentations have audio narrations of varying lengths. The beginning of the presentation indicates that the users need to click play to advance from slide to slide, but it appears some users are unsure when a slide has ended so they sit there for a while before they get around to hitting the play button to advance (I don't want to auto-play the presentation because I want them to have more control over navigation and to prevent them from just spacing out and losing track of where they are). I find it annoyingly repetitive to say something like "Click play to continue" at the end of each slide - and since many slide have Captivate animations covering the whole screen, having a text prompt display doesn't seem like it would work very well.

      Has anyone experimented with either using some kind of tone or sound to indicate the end of a slide, kind of like they do on some language tapes to indicate the user needs to do something? Or else is there an actionscript way to make the play button highlight in an obvious way?

      Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!