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    CS6 - Base is 30 - Auto - problem

    GeoffVane Level 1

      When dragging multiple stills onto the Create Sequence icon, a project emerges with "base is 30".

      This used to be adjustable in CS5.5 under File / Project Settings / Timecode to Auto or 25 or whatever.


      Not anymore this menu item is gone.


      • Don't tell me to put the project at 25 fps, because it is 25 fps, only when scrubbing you clearly see the 30 fps mismatch on the timeline. (the playback head and frame ends don't line up)
      • Don't tell me to put the footage at 30fps because it are all seperate stills that can't be set at any frame rate.
      • Don't tell me to put the import still fps at 25: it is on 25 and it doesn't help.


      I need After Effects to start with base is 25, as default, to correct this problem. Where can I adjust it?