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    iBooks Author or InDesign CS6 for interactive eBook?


      I've been asked to create some "marketing collateral" (free, not for purchase) for my company that in addition to text would include some vidoes w/ audio. The material HAS to work on the iPad b/c that's how it will be displayed at the tradeshow.


      However, if the materials could reach a larger audience than just iPad users, that would be a bonus. I've just read that iBooks now supports ePub3, and I understand that InDeisgn CS6 can export to ePub3?


      My questions is whether I should use iBooks Author or use InDesign? I use InDesign for print & PDFs, but never for interactive. I don't want to use the DPS - we have no intent of selling this material. I have no experience with iBooks.


      I have such a short window of time to produce this, that I thought it would be best to ask some experienced designers which direction you would go.


      Thanks in advance.