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    HTML5 SSL's Merged Projects

    Mike Danial

      My question concerns Upgrading a Merged Topics project into HTML5.  The Help documentation on Robohelp 10 says this on page 299: "Upgraded project. When you upgrade a project, RoboHelp adds screen profiles but does not add any new SSL or screen layout. After upgrading a project, add screen layouts from the Gallery. Add a new SSL of the Multiscreen HTML5 type, configure the Multiscreen HTML5 SSL as required, and generate output." 

      I have two questions


      1 "Do the HTML5 SSL's I set in the parent project control the output of the child projects? Or do I need to copy and generate the child projects with the same SSL as the parent? Any guidance on this will be appreciated.


      2. Once upgraded into HTML5 should the parent project open to the child at the top of my TOC automatically as before (WebHelpPro). On my first attempts it did not.


      The project has been working flawlessly on Robohelp 10 compiled in WebHelpPro.


      Thank you in advance.


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          moszapy1 Level 1

          Hi Mike,


          Multiscreen HTML5 SSL is very powerful as compared to WebHelp Pro as it gives you many option to customise your output.


          1) Parent and child project are two different entities and they need to be generated individually. Also, as it is with WebHelp output that child project needs to be generated inside "mergedProjects" folder(or copy child project after generation) same needs to be followed for Multiscreen HTML5 output as well.

          2) Once parent and child has been upgarded and Multiscreen HTML5 output is generated at appropriate location then merged TOC(parent+child) will be visible automatically