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    Deselecting images in camera raw before opening the rest is deleting the files from finder!

    dom garton

      Hi, as the title suggests, im having an issue with of our machines. There are 6 running camera raw and it is the only one to do this (version 6.6).


      Example situation:


      10 RAW files are dragged into photoshop,

      they open in camera raw.

      all are selected and a white balance taken from the 'grey card' image that has been shot specifically.

      the grey card image is then deselected (with backspace button or otherwise) because i don't need it to be opened in photoshop for further editing with the rest.


      the problem:


      after clicking 'open images' the deselected grey card image is dissapearing from my finder window. the delay in opening in photoshop means i can actually watch it go.


      this doesnt happen on any other of my machines in the studio and that action should simply tell camera raw that i dont want to open that particular image in photoshop.


      can anyone tell me why it is doing that??


      we're working off our server (as we normally do), so the files arent being sent to the trash. if raws are worked on from the dekstop, the same thing happens and they obviously go straight to the trash then


      why is camera raw deleting my files? are they recovereable? how do i stop it?


      any help would be great. its a fast working studio and the grey card shots are not something we can afford to be losing.