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    Fluid Grid and my Accordian Panel nightmare

    Anita Adamski Level 1

      I designed http://hellohorse.com/ in Adobe’s MUSE  and want to bring the same design into Fluid Grid layout by starting completely over in DW CS6. The Accordian Panel is here http://hellohorse.com/winners.html


      When I work on the mobile phone size, could I set up an entire new HTML page that media query directs the mobile phone user to? So, instead of a fixed-width three-column accordian panel on http://hellohorse.com/winners.html there would be a new fixed-width two-column accordian panel. And if I can direct, by media query, to an entire new HTML page instead of just an image, does creating a new HTML PAGE here work as a practical solution?


      Note the “columns” are actually created by hitting space bars, which is why I call it a nightmare and why I need fixed width. An EM solution instead  isn’t right because I don’t want the type getting any smaller, the type should appear the exact same size throughout all displays.


      If I wanted to float “columns” instead, would  I be stuck into writing specs for each separate panel?  This Acordian Panel might be the wrong design direction for me to go in for phone users.