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    Matching 3D Layer to Camera Angle


      I created a virtual set using a 3D program (Cararra 6) and I want to make text layers in AE look as if they are sort of projected onto the wall.  I've switched the 3D layer function on and tried matching the perspective of the text to the wall, but it never looks quite right.  In Cararra, I can get exact numbers for the hight and rotation of the camera, which is supposed to be emulating a 50mm lens.  Is there any way for me to apply these numbers to the 3D text layer in AE to make it's camera occupy the same space as the one in my virtual set?  The set is inserted as a still frame, so there's no animation to contend with.


      Here's an example of what I'm working with.  It's close, but the perspective is noticably off.


      Example Set.jpg


      Can anyone tell me if there's a way to do this with precision and point me in the right direction?  My many thanks in advance.