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    Turn off video autoplay?


      I'm using Captivate 6, and I've inserted a welcome video into my project. I was able to add closed captions, but the problem I'm having now is that the slide automatically plays the first two seconds of the video, then stops and waits for the user to click play.


      What SHOULD happen is the video shouldn't be played at all until the user clicks on play. I've searched the forums and have tried all of the tricks mentioned there (uncheck autoplay, etc), but none of it is working.


      How can I stop the slide playing the video automatically?



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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Do I understand that this is an inserted video? If it has a timeline in the timeline panel, postpone the start a little bit, add a click box or a button that pauses the slide just before the beginning of the video timeline.



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            cchapmanmoore Level 1

            Hi Lilybiri,


            Yes, the video is imported. I found another way of doing it before I read your suggestion, which is to pause the button at the very beginning of the slide.


            That said, I've now got the opposite problem with an interactive timeline; it pauses so that the user has to click play on the playbar, when I want it to flow just like the other slides! Not sure how to fix this bit yet, but we'll see!