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    Images won´t show


      I have an issue with my images in InDesign cs6.

      I have a linked picture that I put as a backgroun on the pages. I copied the first image and pasted it on all pages. So far so good.

      BUT, when I export it to a pdf the images don´t show? What is going on? CHecked on the net but there wasnt much about this specific topic.

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          What kind of the PDF are making , Interactive or Print ?

          What is the format of the image ?

          Is the images doesn't show up in all the pages of the PDF or just few ?



          Please try using a different PDF presets while exporting the file to PDF and then check , if you are making the Print PDF.

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            Kalajda Level 1

            Hi, are they in the same layer? Did you tried to put image into master page to let them show just from one source in your doc. Is your document ment for printing or interactive? What format are linked images (rgb/cmyk) (jpeg/tif/eps)?

            Is rest of content shown properly (text, another objects, etc.) ?



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              kkolompar Level 1

              Manish: Hi, I´m making an interactive pdf with hyperlinks and so on....

                            The images are in PNG format and the opacity is decreased as they are background images.

                             No, no images show up at all


              Kalajda: Yes, everything is in Layer one. Maybe I should organize it better....

                             No, I havent tried to construct a master page yet...make one?

                             Its RGB from Photoshop in PNG format.

                             Yes, everything else works fine....

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                Kalajda Level 1

                Tried to create pdf just with one image (RGB, PNG-24) - displays corectly in both standard and high quality print. Create new document just with the image and try to produce pdf with it. You will see.

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                  Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                  I think the issue is coming up becuase of transparency or blend space.


                  Can you change the transparency blend space from EDIT-->Transparency blend space

                  also, what if you remove the opacity from the image and then check.

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                    Kalajda Level 1

                    Send me file (just one page i s enugh with adjacent PNG) I can explore it. I have Indd CS6 running on PC. [Link removed by forum moderator]

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      I've removed your email from the forum to prevent spambots from picking it up.

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                        kkolompar Level 1

                        Sorry for the late reply, I did not have Internet for a few days. I will try with different Layers and linking and post my experience. Peter was right about removing your email, you never know.

                        Anyways, I´m also trying to figure outr how to put animation from Flash into my InDesign projects. It would be totally cool to create something and have it in the magazine. The whole process so far has been good besides some walls I had to climb over. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and help us,!

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                          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                          You can import the SWF created from Flash in InDesign.