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    Is PDFMaker compatible with Win7 *and* MSWord 2003?


      This is a follow-on question to my earlier question of Sept 6 "Is Acrobat Pro V9.4.4 compatible with Win7" answered by CtDave.


      My co-worker uses XP, MS Word 2003 and Acrobat Pro V9.4.4. Before his last day, his license is to be transferred to my computer (MS Word 2003 and Win 7). Will his version of Acrobat Pro V9.4.4. work okay for 508 compliance purposes since I have both 2003 and Win7?


      Just doublechecking with that additional information...





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          CtDave Level 6

          Win 7, Office 2003 is bit of an awkward combination.

          Best practice would be to update to the Office suite intended for the new OS.


          MS Office 2003 applications are compatible with Acrobat 9.x PDFMaker.

          So, configure Acrobat's PDFMaker to Enable Accessibility and Reflow with tagged Adobe PDF.

          Master a test file in Word and give use of PDFMaker to output PDF a try.

          If you get the PDF walk the structure tree (in the Tags Panel).


          Is all proper there? If yes, then you've a workable OS / Office / Acrobat combo.


          What is proper?

          View this video from the PDF Association's PDF/UA Competency Center:

          http://www.pdfa.org/video/duff-johnson-what-a-pdf-developer-needs-to-know-to-implement-pdf ua-well/ 


          Don't be dissuaded by "implementer" (aka developer).

          Fact is that for a while yet it is the "in the trenches" end-users who have to use what is at hand to author and post-process the PDF.

          The principles discussed in the video provide the punch list of what needs to be present.


          Be well...