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    Photoshop 13.0.1 breaks mxi files API

    Nate Beck Level 1

      This worked in CS6 13.0.0, and is only showing up after updating to 13.0.1. 


      Our MXI file has the following files that are bundled with the plugin.


          <file destination="" file-type="CSXS" products="" source="Dashboard.zxp"/>
          <file destination="$presetsfolder/Actions/Kubota set-up Actions 2.atn" products="Photoshop,Photoshop32,Photoshop64" source="bundled/Presets/Actions/Kubota set-up Actions 2.atn"/>
          <file destination="$presetsfolder/Scripts/Activate Kubota Dashboard.jsx" products="Photoshop,Photoshop32,Photoshop64" source="bundled/Presets/Scripts/Activate Kubota Dashboard.jsx"/>


      When installing our plugin after updating to 13.0.1 we get the following error.


      Can't create folder 'Drive:Applications:Adobe Photoshop CS6:Presets:Actions:Kubota set-up Actions 2.atn'.  After hitting OK the installation rollsback and prevents the installation from occuring.