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    Photoshop 13.0.1 breaks mxi files API

    Nate Beck Adobe Community Professional

      This worked in CS6 13.0.0, and is only showing up after updating to 13.0.1. 


      Our MXI file has the following files that are bundled with the plugin.


          <file destination="" file-type="CSXS" products="" source="Dashboard.zxp"/>
          <file destination="$presetsfolder/Actions/Kubota set-up Actions 2.atn" products="Photoshop,Photoshop32,Photoshop64" source="bundled/Presets/Actions/Kubota set-up Actions 2.atn"/>
          <file destination="$presetsfolder/Scripts/Activate Kubota Dashboard.jsx" products="Photoshop,Photoshop32,Photoshop64" source="bundled/Presets/Scripts/Activate Kubota Dashboard.jsx"/>


      When installing our plugin after updating to 13.0.1 we get the following error.


      Can't create folder 'Drive:Applications:Adobe Photoshop CS6:Presets:Actions:Kubota set-up Actions 2.atn'.  After hitting OK the installation rollsback and prevents the installation from occuring.