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    How can I Improve my Render Engine?


      Hey everyone, I successfully set up the Adobe After Effects CS6 Render Engine on my render node but it is rendering very slowly (even if I enabled multiprocessing).


      Here are the specs:

      Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

      Processor: AMD Opteron Processor 6168 1.90 GHZ (4 Processors)

      RAM (32 GB)

      64-bit operating System


      This render node was initially used for rendering Cinema 4D files and it managed to render very quickly. Once I installed After Effects CS6 (legally) through the Adobe Creative Cloud and set up the Render Engine, it took 14 hours to render a short image sequence.  Later I set up a render farm with 2 other machines and the total render time for that same image sequence was about 40 minutes but the other machines seemed to render a lot quicker.


      I would like to know based on the specs provided above, what is the reason for the slow renders in AE and how can I speed it up?  How can I have all the render fully utilize all or most of its processors to render?