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    movie highlight focus

    jonnybennett Level 1
      I have a page with five different swfs embbedded in it. However on some browsers the swf with focus is highlighted with a ring around it to show it has focus. However I don't want it or any of the movies to have this ring/highlighting when they have focus.
      I want the movies to look like one large movie, therefore having the one with focus become highlighted destryos this effect. Also it seems to differ with different versions of diff browsers. Anyway the real point is, Is there a way to disable this highlighting effect when a movie has focus? thanks in advance jonnie.
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          ravich9 Level 1
          try this
          specify this in the first frame of your main timeline
          _focusrect = false;

          This is a global property that can be overridden for specific instances. In case, if only some of the movie clips are getting the focus (highlighted ring) specify
          my_mc._focusrect = false;
          this property can override the global property.

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            jonnybennett Level 1
            This page contains 4 embedded swfs.
            When the page first loads it loads with a highlighted ring around each of the 4 embedded swfs. When you then click on one of the swfs its highlighting diassapears as the swf then has focus. However i want all the swfs to load with focus, and therefore no highighting.

            please note that this problem only occurs on certain versions of certain browsers. However I would like to get rid of it.

            ravich9 thanks for your response, but I think that is for focusing once the swf itself has focus. Jonnie.