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    Adobe X Standard - New Bookmarks from Structure Problem


      Adobe X Standard.  I merged 24 separate files into a single PDF and created a bookmark for the start of each (former) PDF.  I would like to generate a sub-bookmark for the start of separate words in the pdfs.  I created TAGS for the entire document but when I click on "New Bookmarks from Structure"  and select "H2" it will only generate bookmarks for what was formerly the first PDF.  How can I generate sub-bookmarks for the remainder of the pdf?

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          CtDave Level 6

          Make the second PDF a tagged PDF. Then combine file 1 and 2 or save as file 1 to a new PDF (file 3) into which you insert the tagged file 2 after the last page of this new PDF.

          "New Bookmarks from Strucuture" cannot add the structure; if the structure is not present or if the selected tag is not present you get no bookmarks.


          Note that to manually add tags or to use Acrobat's "make accessible" heuristics you'll need Acrobat X Pro.


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