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    RPF Camera does not match the scene from 3DS Max or Maya in AE


      Hi, since I've been trying to integrate 3D with Motion Graphics, I've had trouble. First I read in VideoCopilot's website that I can import 3D cameras into AE, but when I first tried in AE CS6, right clicking on the RPF sequence layer (with the ZDepth info included), the camera was never imported, and never created a new camera layer.


      Then I tried in CS5.5 and from 3DS Max 2013 the camera was succesfully created but it's movement did not match the imported scene, because when creating and positioning some 3D layers, they did not stick correctly to the scene, and they never looked integrated. So it's a pain trying to make them match.


      So I also installed Maya 2008 and followed this tutorial (https://vimeo.com/32726702) with a locator for the scene, then saved it as a Maya ASCII, and again when trying to match the camera inside AE with the scene's camera, the movemet of the camera imported was again strange and the 3D layers did not stick correctly to the imported scene. Of course I know I have to position the 3D layers, and I get them to be in the camera sight.


      I need some real help because I've tried many times and asked a friend who knows of Maya and 3DS Max, but he could not help me neither inside AE. Again, the importing of the RPF in CS5.5 works fine, but the movement of the camera just doesn't seem to be right what I need.


      Thanks for any help.