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    All Ps Cs1 stuff on Ps Touch


      I remember using Photoshop cs1 on my mini acer of 1024x600 res. on a 8" screen running windows xp with 1gb of ram and 1ghz of cpu.


      android tablets and ipad have the capability to rum the cs1 or cs2 functions since they have more specs than the ones I already said. I also remember that it doesnt take more than 150mb of storage my pc back then.


      so... why not have photoshop touch extend the designing tools? a good tablet example would be the transformer prime, the galaxy note 10, the toshiba tribe, and other hd devices running 3.2+


      Im a Web Designer and Photo editor too. planning on buying my self the galaxy note 10 to use most of the wacom powered s-pen on the photoshop touch when getting out of town to make some presentations on the tablet leaving my heavy 17" laptop at home with no worries because I could use the adobe cloud to store what i need.


      I think is a good idea, and hope to see you guys making it real. thank you for reading. your app is a life saver now and then.