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    P2 MXF imports only Video

    Omar Shoukri

      I've been working with P2 Media (Classroom in a book Premiere Pro cs6). In lesson 6, there's a sequence which uses MXF files, which I have stored on my HD in it's original P2 folder structure directly from the Adobe disc. A specific clip needs to be relinked.

      I tried to open the Media in the conventional way, importing it through the Media Browser, however the Footage only has audio. Error window says:


      The selected file cannot be linked because its type (video) does not match the original file's type (audio and video).


      I restarted the computer, updated premiere and I've been reading through the forums and found that people had similar issues only importing video without the Audio.

      Strangely while opening the mxf files in quicktime player with http://www.calibratedsoftware.com/MXFImportDownload.asp . it plays all right.


      Another strange thing is, when I relink that file to my original Disc (lessons & Assets DVD) the file plays with audio. However, this is no option as it has to be copied onto the harddisk, otherwise it would stutter.


      Is this a bug?


      thanx for help!

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          josephs51576386 Level 3

          Very strange when you use the media browser are you setting the view as option to Panasonic p2 media? If not try doing that, although if you have already done that and you really do have all the folder structure copied exactly like it was originally, then I have no clue what is going wrong, whenever I have used p2 based footage I haven't ever had a problem with it unless I didn't import using the media browser/setting it to Panasonic p2 media.


          Either way though good luck I hope you can get it figured out.

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            Omar Shoukri Level 1

            Thanks for your swift answer ...

            Well, that was my only solution. In the Media Browser I changed it view as  to " file directory " and files of type to "All supported files"  and "P2 Media" but the result is always the same. Now for some reason, the View as Menu only shows File directory, while the other options are greyed out. I quit and reopen, same thing.

            How do I get that View as option to all again?


            Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 05.13.37.png

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              josephs51576386 Level 3

              Have you tried starting at the main folder which contains all the footage and then seeing if the p2 option is greyed out or not? Because in my experince I've always imported from the main folder not the actual folder which contains just the video files.

              Generally if you click on the main folder which holds your p2's "contents" main folder along with all the other p2 based names etc, it then either auto selects the p2 option or allows you to select it yourself at that point. With p2 media you have to start at the main folder not the folder which contains just the video.  If you don't start at the folder which holds the "contents" folder it won't show the p2 option.



              If you look at this picture when I select the main folder it allows me to use the correct p2 option.

              main folder example.PNG



              But if you look at this picture I go to the video folder and then it won't work correctly.

              video example.PNG


              If the above doesn't work Please check out this adobe PDF file about p2 media so you can verify the content was backed up properly. Page two gives a example how the folder structure is supposed to look, I'm thinking the folder structure might be off if the above I posted doesn't make it work...  http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/products/premiere/cs6/pdfs/adobe-premiere-pro-cs 6-p2.pdf


              Although I can't totally rule out some sort of wierd bug or install error at this point either.

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                Omar Shoukri Level 1

                Thanks very much Mr.

                OK. As per your instruction the P2 Panasonic option in the View as Menua showed as you demonstrated. However that did not solve my issue. Again the audio was not imported. I read the adobe instructions link and was about to download and install P2CMS software to copy the P2 content again as advised in the document, although I back checked that the files are exactly the same.

                NOW, before I did that I used a last resort which I had. A formatted FAT32 drive. I just copied the p2 media files on that drive and the relinking WORKED.


                Strange. But I guess it is because the p2 drives from panasonic are either formatted in NTFS or FAT32...


                Any thoughts on that or is my assumption correct to use a formatted NTFS or FAT32 drive in the future?



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                  josephs51576386 Level 3

                  I've never had any trouble with NTFS so I know that it's possible for it to work on NTFS. I don't think I've ever edited with P2 footage on anything other than my NTFS based RAID array. What were you trying to use it on initially?


                  Either way though glad it ended up getting solved.