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    Compile dll with FlashRuntimeExtensions.h

    EllisElkins Level 1

      I'm writing a track and field application that needs to communicate with stopwatches over a serial port. I have been using serproxy (serial to socket app) that I modified a bit to work with the stopwatches, but it's not going to work for mac. I believe I could get tinkerproxy modified and working for win and mac but the As3 Arduino Connector (http://code.google.com/p/as3-arduino-connector/) seems like it will be a better solution if I can get it working.


      I'm just having trouble with the compiling. I'm a Flash/Flex developer and modifying serproxy was my first foray into C. I used Code Blocks (http://www.codeblocks.org/) to edit serproxy. When I try to compile Arduino Connector I'm getting a bunch of errors in the FlashRuntimeExtensions.h file. The errors seem like it's not recognizing which kind of C code (C, C++, etc) that file is.


      Like I said, this is my first time jumping into C so I may be trying to compile this all wrong. Any assistance you could lend would be great. Thanks.


      (compiler errors in Code Blocks)