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    Fireworks CS6 not opening files




      I installed the trial version of CS6 (Mountain Lion) the other day and created some files, the same files opened for me on another computer using CS5 (Mountain Lion) whilst I was waiting for the full version to get installed onto my Mac.


      For some reason now the files are either corrupt or not opening (Could not complete your request, an error has occurred or unknown file type).


      The only difference between the two installations of CS6 is that I only downloaded the trial version of individual products and now I've installed the whole master suite.


      Please help!!

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          Same Problem here. installed the full version of CS6 WEbPremium. Worked an a file createt ins CS5.5 yesterday. Today i cant open the very same file -> unknown file type.


          Any sugestions?

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            Well you cn reset the preferance for Fireworks cs6


            1. In the Finder, navigate to /Users/Your User Name/Library/Application Support/Adobe.

            Fireworks CS6: Rename the Fireworks CS6 folder to Old Fireworks CS6


            2. Navigate to /Users/Your User Name/Library/Preferences.

            Fireworks CS5: Rename the Adobe Fireworks CS5 folder to Old Adobe Fireworks CS5

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              pixelfairy Level 1

              how/why would resetting preferences fix this problem. I'm only using Fireworks CS6 and files are not opening.

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                pixelfairy Level 1

                I am able to open files again after restarting Fireworks (Fireworks CS6 on OSX Mountain Lion). Pretty scary bug though, I really don't like the feeling of not being able to open any of my source files--files that have multiple pages worth of work that I would never be able to retrieve with another program.


                Where is Adobe in this discussion?? Is Fireworks going to be made more stable?


                How I feel about Fireworks right now is not great. I look really unprofessional when people ask me for something and my response is... "Sorry, my files seem to be corrupt let me just take 30 minutes to figure out what's wrong"

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                  Same error here trying to open a jpg. Try stripping EXIF data...


                  I found that if I copied the image into a new file and saved from photoshop, the new jpg opened in FW just fine. The new file of course did not contain any of the EXIF data from the file that wouldn't open. The file that wouldn't open had been exported to jpg from Lightroom and scaled in Photoshop. It showed a (c) symbol when open in Photoshop but not in the Mac file system.