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    Loader.loadBytes runtime too slow - is there another way?

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm writing a socket-based MJPEG video feed display in Flex. I have written a custom byte buffer, which queues up data from socket until a full JPEG is present. When a JPEG is present, these bytes are written into a ByteArray and loaded with a Loader object (through loadBytes). This loader object is the child of one of two Image controls, which alternate into visibility for double buffering.

      The issue I'm having is I cannot achieve more than 17 frames per second. Under the previous Java implementation, I was able to get 30 frames per second. Increasing the application framerate to 60 helps (I can match the java performance), but I do not want to do this since it screws up other component animations. I have narrowed down the issue to the Loader.loadBytes method. The asynchronous event handling of the load completion significantly slows down the load time. Without the call, the system processes the jpeg bytes at over 30 frames per second.

      Is there any alternative way to get the ByteArray into the Image other than using loadBytes? I'm grateful for any suggestions or advice. Thanks!