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    display to end of project

      can any one help please - I have recorded some screen capture slides & added an image to blank out a portion of the scrren I do not want to be seen but despite changing the properties to "display for rest of project" it will only desply for that slide, I end up having to copy & past the image to each slide. ???
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          CatBandit Level 3
          There is no reason this would be expected. The first thing I would do it double-check the image settings to be sure that Display For ... is set as you said (I'm thinking you might have set it that way, but then didn't save the changes?).

          If that does not help, what filetype is the image you inserted? A BMP format is preferred, but others should work. Is your project a "full-motion" recording, or a normal slide capture of background images?

          Thanks for more information.
          P.S. Welcome to the Captivate User Community!
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            pulling_hair_out Level 1
            thanks for your help

            I have the display for option saved
            the project is full motion recording

            I have the months trial of captivate - does full registration make a difference?
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              CatBandit Level 3
              No, pulling hair out, the Trial version is exactly the same as the Registered version. The only difference between the two is that movies created during the trial period will no longer work after 30 days. But in any case, what you are describing is not possible, so I need to ask some questions to clarify what you are seeing.

              You said you are working on a full-motion recording, but a full-motion recording will have only a single slide - an animation of what was happening within the red-recording area while you were doing the recording. There should not be a 2nd or 3rd slide, unless (1) they were placed there after the recording, or (2) yours is not a full-motion recording.

              That said, please tell us how many slides are in this project. Thanks for your help.
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                jbradley88 Level 2
                My understanding is that "Show for rest of project" objects essentially become part of the background on subsequent slides, so any objects on the slide itself display on top of the "show for rest of project" objects.

                Assuming that's true, you'll have to copy/paste your image onto each slide with a FMR and adjust the layering order so that the image displays on top of the recording.

                You can do this quickly by copying your image, selecting each destination slide in the Slides pane (hold down the CTRL key and click on each slide you want to paste the image onto), then right-clicking one of the selected slides and choosing Paste object (CTRL+V). The image will be added to all selected slides at once.
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                  CatBandit Level 3
                  Kind of interesting. Last evening I created a two-slide movie, both FM slides, and placed a BMP image on slide 1, set to Display for Rest of Project. It did so, and I could not get it to misbehave.

                  Today, like, pulling hair out, I have to paste that image to each slide. Go figure ...

                  BTW, if the pasting operation is the last item you add to those slides, it should automatically be placed at the top of the stacking order - you shouldn't have to put each one there manually. Having said that, it is probably a good idea to do so, anyway, so the time-line stacking goblins can't get it.
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                    pulling_hair_out Level 1
                    thank you again for every ones help

                    when ever I record manual or automatic I get the movie sectioned up into slides,
                    If I only use single scrren shots then the display to end works a treat, but with the movies it will only display t the end of that slide, so I seem stuck with the copy & past option