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    How to update only active TOC Styles of document

    Erkki Pennanen Level 1



      The code below works fine (is updating all TOCs) if the TOC Style is used, but it will create new TOCs if they are not used. I´d like to create a generic script which should only update the active TOCs. Is there any method to find if the TOC Style is not in use?


      Thanks in advance?







      var i,

          t = app.activeDocument.tocStyles.length;

                alert("This document contains " + t + " table of contents, which will be updated.");

      for (i=0; i<t; i++) {

                var myTOCStyle = app.activeDocument.tocStyles.item(i);



      alert("All TOCs have been updated, thanks!")


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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Erkki – it's an old thread and not answered yet…


          Currently I'm working on TOCs and came accross a similar problem.


          One idea is based on the facts, that:
          1. If you update with an unused tocStyle a NEW text frame is added to the textFrames collection of the document

          2. If you update a already used tocStyles no new text frame is added

          3. We could identify a new text frame and delete it after it is generated


          Here a simplified example:


          //ASSUMPTION: All text frames in the document are unlocked! No locked layers! No hidden layers!
          var d=app.documents[0];
          for(var n=0;n<d.tocStyles.length;n++){
              //Let's check the length of the text frames collection in the document
              //and store its value for further use:
              var textFramesLength = d.textFrames.length;
              //NEXT: we will update a single TOC by using the createTOC() method
              //1. argument is set to a single tocStyle
              //2. argument is set to "true" (= just update an existing TOC)
              //An UNUSED tocStyle will always generate a NEW text frame!
              //An already used tocStyle will NOT generate a NEW text frame!
          //(What will happen, if the text frame is locked? Or hidden? Should we care for that?)
          //(Let's assume for simplicity that no text frame in the document is locked! And no layer is locked!)
              //createTOC() will return an Array of Stories.
              //Its length = 1, because we use one single tocStyle every time we loop.
              //We store the Story object of the just updated (or new) TOC in a variable:
              var tocStory = d.createTOC(d.tocStyles[n],true);
              //We have access to the text frame of that Story Object
              //by its textContainer:
              var parentTextFrameOfToc = tocStory[0].textContainers[0]; 
              //After updating (or generating) a TOC we check, if the text frames collection of the document 
              //is still the same length as before.
              //If NOT, we can remove the text frame of the recently created TOC:
              if(d.textFrames.length != textFramesLength){



          Of course you can add a counter to the loop and report later, how many TOCs were updated.


          Hope, that helps!





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