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    Populating fields from previous field entries (responses)



      I want to link a previous response in a field to a subseqent field (question) - I would prefer to be able to do this from within a previously submitted form but would settle for it occurring from an earlier section of the same form if necessary.


      For example when arranging new business opportunities:

      Stage 1 is Concept Proposal - preliminary information is sought in order to get an overall feeling about the merits of the idea. One of first questions asks for the person's name, which they insert along with other information - the form is submitted for approval and is kept as evidence that approval was obtained. 

      Stage 2 is developing a Business Case - where more details are given explaining the who, what, why, when and where of the business opportunity. This may occur many months later. Now the form requires more information to roughly the same questions. However, some questions are identical eg the person's name.


      I want to populate eg. a text field that asks for their name (Stage 2) using the response given previously by the same person (Stage 1).


      I saw the link button but it stays grey and wont allow me to link one field to another.


      How can I do this or something like it?