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    Authentication failing on author and publish servers without being prompted


      When trying to view a published page on my publish server, at http://mysite:4503, I'm getting this, with an otherwise blank page back:

      "User name and password do not match"


      I was never prompted for a username.  At that URL, I would normally see the Geometrixx sample page, which would have a login prompt to click on.  Over on my author instance, at this URL (http://mysite:4502), I am no longer greeted by the WCM admin console.  I now have a generic browser dialog that says:


      "A username and password are being requested by http://mysite:4502.  The site says: "Sling (Development)""


      None of my admin or other users passwords are accepted.  Just prior to these issues, I was having another authentication error shown on my author instance, which prompted me to restart the instances.  The prior message was simply "Authentication Failed" when trying to view the WCM console, and the URL would change to:


      http://mysite:4502/system/sling/cqform/defaultlogin.html?resource=%2F&$$login$$=%24%24logi n%24%24



      Any idea what could be going on?  My application itself, was not written to require a login, and on the the only authentication that I'm used to performing is for the WCM console.