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    Sony HDR CX550v export settings Premiere Pro CS5

    Neofilm Level 1

      I would like to know, what are the best "Export Settings" in premiere CS5 when rendering for Blu-ray?


      I shoot everything in the highest quality HD setting. I assume I should export it as Progressive Scan, but should I? Or, should I just check "Match Sequence Settings"? Or, should I select a format with a preset that has "Match Source Attributes"?



      I've found the best DVD settings are "MPEG2 DVD" with a preset "Match Source Attributes" and then customizing it by selecting the Field Order "None (Progressive)". This looks amazing for DVD quality, esp. on my Sony Blu-ray player that claims to upconvert DVD to some quasi HD deal. It almost feels like HD.


      For DVD I've tried customizing by increasing bit rate, and all kinds of stuff. It just made it horrible, it took about 4 to 8 times longer to render, and wasted a perfectly otherwise fine verbatim lightscribe DVD-R....


      Anyways, would like to know without the labor of trial and error, how to best tackle the HD side if anyone knows. Thanks!