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    Can't Print to Epson Printers from Photoshop

    ddavis94 Level 1

      Hey everyone - for some reason I am unable to print from Photoshop CS6 to two different Epson printers - an Epson 9800 and an Epson 7880. I have tried to print from three different computers (OS 10.6 and OS 10.8) and have also tried three different USB cables. Each time I get the same results - the computer acts like it sends the data to the printer, but the printer never prints anything. I am not getting any error messages. I am attepting to print a 3960x2160, 720 DPI RGB TIF image. I tried printing from Preview as a test but that didn't work either.


      This is a new problem as I have been printing to these printers for years with no issues.


      I have tried reinstalling drivers, turning the computer and printers on and off, cleared my caches and repaired permissions, but so far no luck.


      However there is ONE situation in which I am able to print - if I save the image as PDF and print it from from Acrobat, specifically with "Acrobat Color Management" selected, it WILL print. If I try to print from Acrobat with "Printer Manages Colors" selected, it will not print.


      This is really driving me mad and I would love to find a solution. Major thanks to anyone who can help!

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          ddavis94 Level 1

          Photoshop preferences have been deleted but I am still unable to print. Are there preferences somewhere else that I should be clearing out?

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            ddavis94 Level 1

            Success! I have no idea what the issue here is but I tried printing a completely different file as a test, and lo, that file prints fine. The other file does not. Since the file I'm trying to print is a rasterized Illustrator file, I just rasterized it again so I'm working with a new file, and it prints! I am so pleased.

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              PJR! Level 1

              I had the same problem with CS5. I have an Epson WF-3640 all in one and an Epson Surecolor P400. The problems started when I downloaded the custom ICC profiles for the P400. It worked at first with glitches and then PhotoShop wouldn't recognize either printer.


              Following the advice on these boards, I uninstalled and reinstalled my printer software. Didn't work. There seemed to be either a deep conflict or something in the printer software had corrupted Photoshop. I deleted Photoshop using the uninstall and decertified the computer. Then using clean my Mac, I found additional hidden files that hadn't been deleted and wiped those too. I then restored PhotoShop from a Time Machine back-up before I got the P-400, when life was good.


              Everything works now and the custom ICC profiles are available again. (I have now saved the current set up from Time Machine). I have been very careful to:

              set the Color Settings to North America Prepress 2 as instructed in the P-400 manual.

              View - Proof SetUp - Custom - allows me to proof the photo according to the appropriate ICC profile.

              The in the print dialog box: PhotoShop manages color and I access the same ICC profile I used to proof. (Incidentally, I have found it helps to boost the brightness when printing to allow for the differences between transmitted and reflected light.)


              I hope this helps and that it saves you wanted time and effort.