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    Help with a 'Submit Form' button...


      Windows XP

      Acrobat Pro X

      LiveCycle Designer ES2



      Good evening.


      I am trying to change the email address associated with the submit button. I can't seem to find where the setting is.


      I modified a form in LiveCycle, but I need the 'Submit Form' button to send the completed form to me or remove the button all together. I do not want the PDF to be accidentally sent to the current email address listed. Should I do this in Acrobat or LiveCycle? Please type slowly, I am relatively new to this software. It seems that there are two types of "submit" buttons, so I am posting a screenshot of the button and of the location of the email address I need to change.



      Here is the submit button...


      Here is the email I need to change..


      Please help... thanks...